Lesedi loves the game and we believe that with the right instruction early on, she can go very far. We believe that Advantage Tennis is just the place for her to get the foundation she needs. We have already seen great improvement in her game since she started here at Advantage Tennis towards the end of 2020. Thanks to Coach Gareth, Veronique, Ryan, Kevin and Shane for the contribution they have made to her game thus far.
We are very happy but we know that there are no quick fixes and we are in for the long haul.


Franco enjoys being at Advantage Tennis, and feels he gets a lot of support and excellent coaching for his tennis and his goals.
His goal for tennis is to go professional, and his biggest dream is to be ranked top 10 and play at Wimbledon. Tennis is his passion and favourite sport.
He admires players like Diego Schwartzman and Rafa Nadal because Rafa never gives up and fights till the end, and Diego Schwartzman is small like him but still gets everything back.


"I have been receiving coaching at Advantage Tennis since 2018. My TSA ranking has improved from 128th Boys u/14 to Top 20 Boys u/16. My next goal is to be in the Top 10 TSA rankings. All coaches at Advantage Tennis have a real passion for the game. I am getting excellent coaching by a team of dedicated professionals.
I am always looking forward to my time on court at Advantage Tennis!"