Matteo is 11 years old and has been training with Advantage Tennis since 2011. He has developed a solid technical base, footwork and movement, and has a good understanding of the game. He trains four times a week and loves his time on court. Matteo has played over 40 TSA tournaments, playing in the U10 U12 and U14 sections. This has been important to him, as it's helped him develop a good competitive game, and he's acquired a high ranking which he wants to maintain.
"As parents we are very proud of Matteo's love and passion for the game. It has become a true part of his life and daily routine. His coaches, also passionate about the sport, instill this love for the game. They not only teach the fundamentals of the game, but also have a true vested interest in his development in tennis and in him."


Caitlin trained with Advantage Tennis for 12 years during her entire school career. Tennis was one of many sports that she excelled in along with academics. Her highlights in tennis were making the Gauteng Central squad and winning the Randburg TC ladies singles title in 2008. Caitlin is currently studying to become a doctor at the University of the Witwatersrand. "I started playing tennis at the age of 6, when I had my first mini-tennis lesson. From then on tennis became an important part of my school and social life. Playing at Advantage Tennis was a great way to learn about the game, make friends and become exposed to the world of competitive tennis from a young age. The coaches were always willing to help when needed and made a concerted effort with each and every pupil. I feel priveliged to have had such fantastic coaching and I look back on all my time at the tennis club with fond memories!" – Caitlin "Caitlin spent many happy hours on the courts with Advantage Tennis. My hope, as a tennis playing parent myself, was that she would develop a love for the game while making friends and having fun. This certainly was the case. The coaches always gave of their best-their patience and dedication were amazing. I think that all the years' playing tennis as a junior taught her many life skills which have contributed in a big way to the person she has become." – Lindy Batty, Caitlin's mom.


Veronique completed her tennis scholarship at the University of Arkansas in the USA where she played No 1 on her team and where she had been nominated student athlete at the university. Veronique trained with Advantage Tennis from the age of 11 – 16 years where she formed a solid all court game. She steadily rose up the rankings reaching No 1 in the country in u18 and winning Junior National Championships on two occasions. The many sacrifices she made also gave her the opportunity to travel overseas to play in various tournaments and she achieved a world ITF u18 ranking of 232.


Renier was on scholarship at Wake Forest University in the USA. He was a junior national champion and recently formed part of the South African training Davis Cup team. Renier has played all over the world and travelled with the Advantage Tennis coaches Gareth Gibson and Cliff Lubbe to Cyprus, China, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Canada and Switzerland for junior ITF and ATP tournaments. "I started playing tennis at the Advantage Tennis academy when I was 7 years old with Gareth Gibson and Vlatko Najdek. They both taught me the basics of the game and always made it fun for me which was key in making me want to play at a high level. Later on when I started playing bigger international tournaments in my teens Gareth travelled with me to these. We had a lot of fun and Gareth really helped me out on and off court with all of his years of experience being involved in the game. The next level of tournaments which are ITF Futures where Cliffy has been travelling with me for the last 2 years. The level was definitely higher and Cliffy helped me to improve my tennis just as Gareth did. We always have a lot of fun on and off the court as we travel together. He always helps me to see the bright side when things aren't going my way and he motivates me at the same time. I have been involved with the coaches at Advantage Tennis Academy for a very long time now and they have always helped me to improve my game. They have also always helped me to have fun on and off the court because that has been a big part in making me successful in tennis. You have to love doing it! Thank you guys for always helping me out!"- Renier


Jessica joined Advantage Tennis in Aug 2011, her u12 ranking was 30 in South Africa. We worked extremely hard on her technique, movement and developing weapons. Jessica has improved significantly and her u12 ranking has moved up to 4 in South Africa, April 2012. She was also selected to represent the South African u12 team in Italy in July 2012 for the Lampo Nations Cup along with two ETA tournaments in Germany. "The improvement in Jessica's tennis since we moved to Advantage Tennis Academy has been tremendous. We never dreamed that in such a short space of time she would be going to play tournaments overseas. The coaches are constantly improving her game and are always looking to get the best out of her. The amount of patience and passion the coaches show towards all kids and the game is admirable. We look forward to spending many years with the Advantage Tennis Academy family." - Peter and Suzie Assenmacher, Jessica's parents.


Sasha has trained with Advantage Tennis since April 2009. His father, a first team club player at Randburg TC has played a solid role in developing his game. Sasha is very good at all sports and has kept a good balance with all of these. He is starting to realise the dedication needed to be a top tennis player and will soon need to decide where to put his full focus. His current ranking is 10 u12 in South Africa. "Sasha Muller, aged 11 starting playing tennis when he was 3 years old. His Dad is an avid sports-lover and he has played a significant role in Sasha's development and love for the game. Sasha has been blessed with an overall good sporting ability, excelling in athletics, cricket and soccer. He started coaching with Advantage Tennis in 2010 and started playing SATA ranking tournaments in July 2010. With the guidance and support of his coaches his ranking continued to improve."


Ankith makes a yearly trip from India to train with Advantage Tennis. He is an exciting young player with lots of promise. He is ranked 16 u16 in India. Ankith is at the stage where he plays junior ITF tournaments locally and internationally. Advantage Tennis looks forward to training and travelling with Ankith in the future years.


Ndili is a well-known African businessman and was nominated for the African of the year in 2010. He is the head of the Lionstone Group based in Nigeria. Amaechi as he is known is an avid tennis player and fan and regularly has training camps with Advantage Tennis throughout the year. His aim is to improve his game, get fitter and compete in national and international age group tournaments.


Cynthia, previous CEO of Anglo America International, always trains with Advantage Tennis when she is on business in South Africa. She has a solid game at social level and she enjoys the exercise and stimulation she receives playing the game of tennis.